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Product Image Sun Mu: "Spring" Canvas Print

Sun Mu: "Spring" Canvas Print


Sun Mu was born in North Korea and defected in 1998. Originally trained and used by the North Korean Army as a propaganda artist, he eventually made his escape and hid in China for three years before making the journey to South Korea. He now utilizes his paintings as a voice for the North Korean people.

He uses the pseudonym "Sun Mu" to avoid risking his family's safety back in North Korea. This name can be translated as "no divisions," which alludes to his hope for a united Korea.

This canvas print comes from Sun Mu's original painting titled "Spring" (2010). When asked, he said he painted the piece "with hope that spring will come." Sun Mu donated the original painting to LiNK to honor the memories of Calvin, Karolina, and Shane
The Korean script on this piece of artwork reads, "In the cold winter, it passionately blooms".
A portion of the proceeds from this canvas print will go to Sun Mu and his family, with the remaining portion going to our rescue and resettlement programs. 
Available in 11'' x 14'' and 16'' x 20'' sizes, ready to hang, framed (black) and unframed.